Welcome to SD&V Oriental International Company Limited.
The aim of SD&V Oriental International is to offer the world market all Unique Hotels Resorts & Spas High Quality Services in all key productive areas of the hospitality industry, thus bearing the stamp of "Beautiful Thai Hospitality industry."

SD&V become fully operated in 2005 by a team of professionals with years of experience in the hospitality and business industry. It is an exclusive international marketing and reservation brand that was specifically formed to represent the collective interests of the most unique, independent and exclusive hotels resorts and spa around Asia Pacific. The company was formed with one clearly defined purpose in mind; to develop and manage a group of highly specialized, needs and full service in all areas of Thai hospitality.

SD&V Oriental is a Thai management Company Operating Deluxe & First class Hotels, Resorts, Luxury Service Apartments, Spas, Luxury Restaurants & Deluxe Hospitals or Wellness Centers and any Hospitality Services.

SD&V Oriental provides innovative and "unexpected" services with an International Standard, so your needs are better met for now and the future.


The aim of SD&V Oriental International is to offer our valued clients and the hospitality industry in regards to all unique, luxury hotels and resorts high quality services and products to bear the stamp of “Beautiful Thai Hospitality”.

We, SD&V Oriental would like to be one Asia and the worlds Professional Hospitality Service Companies in this industry, offering Quality Consultancy and Management Services in all areas of this wonderful and developing industry.


S is for Strategic
D is for Dynamic
V is for Visionary

ORIENTAL INTERNATIONAL is for our history & management team.

SD&V Oriental ethics are based on a relationships and trust among guests, employees and owners.
The SD&V Oriental team are committed to local values and respect for the environment.
SD&V Oriental promotes advanced management techniques.
SD&V Oriental is dedicated to improving the quality of life at all hospitality levels.


SD&V strive to provide our clients with hospitality related services to increase profit and stability of properties. Also we deliver Pre-Opening to Grand-Opening experience when launching their unique resorts and hotels, giving innovative and unexpected services with an international standard touch of class so your visions are better met for now and the future.

Pre-Opening to Grand-Opening

a. Marketing Research (SWOT internal external)
b. Feasibility Studies
c. Product Planning, Pricing and Promotion Strategies
d. Advertising, Sales, PR and exhibition Events
e. Bangkok Sales and Reservation Requirements
f. New Hotel Development and After Hour Services
g. Staff Recruitment Services
h. Copy Writer Services (Sales Literature)
i. Website Design and IT services
j. Planning ,Architecture, Landscape & Project Management

Hotel/Resort Development Services

The following overview on the development services provided by SD &V Oriental International is divided into five phases

PHASE I Covers the initial tasks of analyzing the true feasibility of a new hotel project where it should be positioned in the market, financial projections based on a realistic approval of the market place and foreseeable trading conditions. more
PHASE II Describes the services and steps, we would undertake given that a project is assessed as sound and liable planning and project development supervisor, including standards of construction, design, operation and marketing. more
PHASE III Details the steps we will undertake in business and marketing planning. more
PHASE IV Covers the crucial pre-opening marketing period in the areas of operations, human resources and marketing. more
PHASE V involves the on going operation of the hotel. more

Concept and Philosophy

An overview of the proposed owner's project outlining the kind of hotel, the location and market, the initial assumptions for the feasibility of building on hotel in the particular destination, and the results expected from the development and how this fits into the owner's business portfolio.

Market Study/Impact/Analysis

A review of the market and its conditions in which the hotel will be built. This will include an analysis on how the new hotel will affect the market trading conditions in relation to its competitors. The number of available rooms in the destination, visitor arrival and share of business.

Strategies and Positioning

Following through Market Analysis, we will be able to make initial recommendations on how the hotel should be positioned in the market place. In other words, the markets that the hotel should cater to get optimum profitability.

Financial Planning and Cash Flow Projections

Having determined the scope and nature of the financial necessary, a cash flow analysis, 5-10 years cash flow projection.

The various components of Phase1 will be complied into a concise report to the owners which will provide on assessment of the projects viability.


Having established the project in hand is feasible, we will able to move on to the next Phase of detailing the actual configuration of the product in terms of construction ,design, facilities and
operation set up.

Project Definition

The optimum number of rooms, food &beverage outlets, and kinds of facilities the hotel should have the best tap into Target-Market. This will include Master List of all profit centers and outlets.


Obtaining or providing the most appropriate guideline on planning construction, safety, training and service standards. The scope of those guideline will enable the professional hotel operator to supervise the project development and subsequent operation to the highest international standards.

Detailed study on Project's Impact on Community

A through look at local Community in terms of

- Competing facilities (Accommodation, Entertainment,Food & Beverage)
- Local demand for the above
- Man Power
- Available Technology

The activities of this Phase will focus on detailed business and marketing planning

Business Philosophy

Establishing the trading goals of the hotel and the business philosophy that will apply to all dealing related to the project.

Economic and Political Operating Climate

A detailed review of the prevailing economic and political climates of the destination in which the hotel operates and the industry in general.

Marketing and Pricing

An outline of the main marketing strategies to be used to position and sell the hotel. Pricing Strategies will be derived from the marketing analysis.

Business Plan

Form the Business Goals, Philosophy, Economic Political Climate and Key Market, and Pricing Strategies, there will follow the detailed Business Plan as follows:-

- Marketing and Sales
- Food &Beverage
- Operation

This Phase will introduce the actual pre-opening period of the hotel covered all aspects of Operation, Human Resources and Marketing. This state will combine all business plans together and the execution of these plans will be started.

Pre-opening Schedules

A comprehensive and detail listening of all areas of Operation, Human Resources, Marketing and their timing of launches etc.


Recruitment of all key staff in the early stages of pre-opening in term of leading to the full scale recruitment of all required Man Power closer to the opening.


Training Programs will establish in hand with recruitment for all areas of operation and for all customer-contact staff in particular.


Professional supervision and execution of all pre-opening purchasing requirements including the setting up of all purchasing systems.

Pre-opening Marketing

This will cover Pre-Opening Advertising in key source markets and supporting public relation activities in these markets as well as the local community. Pre-opening sales activities supported by pre-opening collateral such as brochures, poster, flyers, etc. Will also

activated in key sources markets and relevant trade shows as per the Marketing Plan.


This phase involves the on-going operation of the hotel which entails preparing annual business plans and full budgets in consultation with the owner.

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